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Places We Like: Dallas' Old Monk tavern

April 24, 2014

Meat, Mexican food, Bud Light and country music are all easy to find in Dallas. That isn't what makes the Old Monk stand out, but it certainly helps.

Situated on a funky three-way corner of Henderson Avenue, the Old Monk anchors a popular stretch of bars, restaurants and galleries in the Uptown neighborhood just to the east of North Central Expressway.

The highway is less than two blocks away, but Old Monk's two patios feel like Belgium -- especially in the early spring, when Dallas feels like a place you could live instead of the surface of the sun.

You get two giant pieces of cod fried in Smithwicks batter and served with thick steak fries, vinegar and tartar sauce, all for $13. Pair it with an exquisitely-named Delerium Tremens Belgian strong ale (8.5 percent alcohol, so watch it) on a clear, 72-degree night on the patio and you'll forget you're in Texas.

Until a Luke Bryan song comes on.