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P.K. Subban can't stop, won't stop slew-footing people in plain sight

At 32 years old and well past his prime, P.K. Subban has become an absolute liability on defense for the New Jersey Devils. On top of that, he's producing nothing offensively, which you used to be able to count on with him. It's a tough scene, and it's caused Devils fans to begin counting the minutes until he becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.

One thing he's still ELITE at, though, is slew-footing the sh-- out of opposing players in plain sight. He kicked off slew-foot SZN in the pre-SZN this year, taking down New York Rangers "enforcer" Ryan Reaves and appearing to badly injure him at the time:

This one started a pretty heated debate on social media on whether it was actually a slew foot or not, which is exactly what makes Subban so good at this. He can make it appear unintentional or accidental, absolving himself of any wrongdoing. It's brilliant, really. 

Fast forward 20 days and Subban's left leg is once again under the microscope, and this time he didn't even attempt to make it look like an accident. Watch as he quite literally kicks his left leg Sebastian Janikowski style, taking out 220-pound behemoth Milan Lucic in the process:

Yeah, don't think there will be any heated debates over this one. This man is the Wayne Gretzky of slew-footing: