124th U.S. Open

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Phil's take on the FedEx Cup

September 29, 2009

When Phil Mickelson cracked to Mark Rolfing of NBC Sunday that he won the tournament but Tiger Woods was getting the $10 million ("I was two back of him, I beat him by three. He gets the $10 million check, and I get $1 million.")We thought many of you would comment. We got a couple of letters. Here's one:


Dear Editor,>

Was it just me, or did Tour Championship winner Phil Mickelson's "joke" about the Fedex Cup point system--coupled with his vagueness about participating in the playoffs next year--seem the tiniest bit ungracious? I mean, after not doing much in this year's playoffs prior to Sunday, he did grab an extra $3 million in one day.


Jim DelGiudice

Convent Station, NJ

We talked to Rolfing about it today. He was taken aback, too, he said, though he still believes his question--how Phil felt to win but not to win, as it were--was legitimate. Personally, I think that answer was Phil being Phil, trying to be funny and edgy. It is hard for me to believe he's not grateful for the purse--or the win.

--Bob Carney