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Philly construction worker greets Manny Machado in most Philly way possible

December 20, 2018

The Manny Machado sweepstakes are fully underway, and while the Philadelphia Phillies were once a slight favorite to sign the infielder, the latest odds have the New York Yankees as the clear cut favorite. They may be an even bigger favorite if the oddsmakers watch the video of Machado's arrival in Philadelphia on Thursday.

No disrespect to the great people of Philadelphia, because they really are the BEST people, but this scene can't make them feel good about their chances of inking Machado to a $300 million deal:

Maybe getting shouted at by a construction worker, being swarmed by reporters and then waiting on someone ... anyone ... helloooo ... to open the damn door is Machado's idea of a world-class organization (he did play for Baltimore after all) and I'm completely wrong. Let's just compare it to his arrival and departure at Yankee Stadium:

In, out, very little fanfare, and no stereotypical Yankee fan telling him he'd look great in pinstripes, which he will. Some may call this Yankee bias, I'm just calling it how I see it. Marcus Stroman knows:

If Machado does end up in Philly though, the city has to replace the Rocky statue with this: