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Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux scores epic butt goal against St. Louis Blues

First came Mark Sanchez's buttfumble. Then came Marshon Lattimore's buttception. Now, we have the latest play to had to butt play lore: the buttgoal.

On Saturday, Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux found himself on a 2-on-1 odd-man rush with teammate Travis Konecny against the St. Louis Blues. Blues defenseman Colton Parayko, realizing he had no other options, laid down in an attempt to block a potential pass from Giroux to Konecny. Giroux, who ranks third in the NHL with 35 assists, decided he would pass anyway, so he put some nice sauce on it in the hopes of lifting over Parayko. What he received instead was his first goal in 11 games, via Parayko's behind:

Hey, got to take 'em how ever you can get 'em. Great way to end a goal drought. A few different angles:

A goal is a goal no matter whose stick or butt it goes off of, I always say.