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Phil Mickelson plays friendship matchmaker in funny new beer ad

February 05, 2020

Phil Mickelson has struggled to hit fairways of late, but the first installment of a new "In The Rough" ad campaign featuring the five-time major champ deserves a hearty golf clap.

In what could have been a deleted scene from "I Love You, Man," Mickelson, who is sitting on a chair with a sixer of Amstel Lights in the rough (GET IT?!), offers advice to a guy looking to make friends with a co-worker. "Just ask this Mike for his number and see if he wants to grab an Amstel Light sometime," Mickelson says to a golfer struggling with his golf game and social life. "That's always a good place to start." Just be cool about it. Don't want HR getting involved.

Mickelson puts the man at ease by telling him a lot of men struggle at making friends. "I mean, not me. I'm Phil Mickelson," he says. "But those who aren't me." Great line. Anyway, here's the full commercial.

Well played, Phil. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on "keeping the fire burning" in a relationship next.