Tour Life

PGA Tour pro wants to find the culprit behind nasty divot that led to double bogey

November 10, 2023

Keyur Khamar

As golfers, we've all been there before. You hit a drive right down the middle of the fairway only to find your golf ball nestled in a divot. Or, more, accurately a divot hole. Just brutal.

There have been so many recent updates to the rules of golf, but this one hasn't been changed. There's no relief. You are screwed. Of course, if this happens in your normal weekend game among friends, there's a good chance you just roll it out of trouble. But on the PGA Tour, these guys are really screwed. And it can really screw up a round.

Such was the case for Cameron Percy during Thursday's first round of the Butterfield Bermuda Championship. After finding the fairway on the short par-4 ninth hole at Porty Royal Golf Club, Percy had about 70 yards for his second shot. But from a particularly nasty divot hole he found a greenside bunker and wound up making a closing double bogey that took him from red numbers to a one-over-par 73. Ouch. And after, understandably, he wasn't happy with whomever left the giant crater that he had to play from.

Someone quickly suggested he should go through ShotLink data to find the culprit, but Percy pointed out one big problem with that:

Not that tracking down the people responsible would have changed anything. That double bogey counts, and that (questionable) rule is still very much in effect.

But to everyone out there, let Percy's tale serve as a reminder to replace your divots—especially if you're playing in a PGA Tour event.