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PGA Tour players get over fight about music on the range and it's pretty hilarious

Call it first world problems. Or just golfers being golfers. At any rate, two PGA Tour golfers arguing about music on the range provided us with some entertainment on Tuesday.

It's an issue private clubs are dealing with across the U.S. Some people like music on the course or range, and some are against it. It appears Brendan Steele and Will Wilcox were chirping at each other, and that turned into a Twitter beef.

Either Steele isn't a Drake fan, or just wasn't in the hip-hop mood last week.

It's unclear where this was, and what the "tattle-tale approach" Wilcox refers to is. Maybe this was at a private club they belong to? Or at the Travelers. (Again, #firstworldproblems). But it seems like these two need to figure out their music differences.

How should they settle it? That's a good question. A long-drive contest? Trick shots? They could go WILD and play for some cash. We'll see!

(h/t @SBNation)