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PGA Tour Champions site gets 9.39 inches of rain in 12 hours

April 18, 2016

More than nine inches of rain in a 12-hour span fell Monday at the Woodlands, a Houston suburb and the site of the PGA Tour Champions’ Insperity Invitational in two weeks.

Golf, of course, is the least of anyone’s problems in the Houston area, where there is massive flooding. That said, courses’ low-lying areas and lakes and streams are especially susceptible to flooding and many courses there are under water.

Willis Young, a meteorologist for the company that provides on-site weather forecasting for the PGA Tour, Tweeted this update that shows 9.39 inches of rain having fallen in a 12-hour period at the Woodlands:

The Insperity Invitational’s Twitter account responded by saying, “We haven't floated away yet! May need a life raft soon.”

“It does drain pretty well,” Bryan Naugle, executive director of the Insperity said. “Of course whenever you get 10 inches in that short a period of time there’s going to be quite a bit of standing water everywhere.

“The bad part is that we’re not supposed be done with the rain. We’re at that point where we really don’t need any more. Now we have to just wait for the level of the water to go down. There's absolutely nothing we can do until it does. If we don’t get anymore we’ll be OK. If we get more it’ll be difficult.”

Here is a Twitter photo showing the second hole of the General nine at the Palmer Course at the Woodlands (the Insperity is played on the Tournament Course):

And here is another Twitter photo showing an unidentified part of the Woodlands Country Club:

The Weather Channel, meanwhile, shows scattered thunderstorms the rest of the day and for three days to follow.