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15 other things the PGA Tour fun police might try to ban at the Phoenix Open

January 14, 2015

This week word spread that the PGA Tour, possibly with one eye on the return of Tiger Woods to the event, will outlaw the throwing of objects at this year's Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Given that the tournament is generally a chaotically fun free-for-all, the news was seen as a decidedly cold wet blanket.

"Of course," Geoff Shackelford said in response to the tweet below. "A huge point-miss by the tour.

The PGA Tour becoming like the no fun league. Trying to take the fun out of Phoenix Open.

— Alex Miceli (@alexmiceli) January 13, 2015 And so, continuing in that same vein, we decided to compile a list of other enjoyable things the PGA Tour fun police might try to ban going forward.

Crowd surfing__

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eadd713143b42c0da]|||gwsl12-phoenix-essay.jpg|||This hat

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1dadd713143b42c0d7]|||gwsl20-phoenix-essay.jpg|||These hats

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1db01eefe207f70e1f]|||466561763.jpg|||These sunglasses

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1db01eefe207f70e16]|||468665101.jpg|||Thomas Bjorn's beard

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eb01eefe207f70e24]|||bjorn-beard-3-518.jpg|||All of John Daly's pants

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eb01eefe207f70e2b]|||458954726.jpg|||Tiger Woods' "raise the roof" celebration

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eadd713143b42c0e1]|||phoenix-reax-2-tiger.gif|||Green man

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eb01eefe207f70e31]|||89556560.jpg|||Hairy-arms horse head man

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eadd713143b42c0e3]|||B668jjbCEAEqthk.jpg|||Basically just all men

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eadd713143b42c0e5]|||gwsl19-phoenix-essay.jpg|||And women

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1eb01eefe207f70e34]|||women running across green.jpg|||And definitely men and women together

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1fb01eefe207f70e45]|||blog-boob-squeeze-4.gif|||Selfies

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1fb01eefe207f70e40]|||1414433061039_wps_4_Haikou_hainan_China_26th.jpg|||Any and all coordinated shirtless activities_

[#image: /photos/55ad7c1fb01eefe207f70e3c]|||L169_CIFR3a6d346c728ab0b0e0abca64c5a1a3bb.jpg|||Basically, just all fun.

__[#image: /photos/55ad7c1fadd713143b42c0ef]|||PHP4F15F91F2DAA2.jpg|||So please, PGA Tour, we implore you: Don't give into your temptation to ban everything!