124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

The Loop

PGA Redux

August 17, 2009

You're surprisingly quiet today, stunned I expect, about yesterday's upset. My wife is still reminding me that I "guaranteed" Tiger's victory on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even as he played the 18th hole Sunday evening. What's going on, when Tiger doesn't chip in to extend the tournament and bury the opponent in extra holes? I love our friend Lou Riccio's email today, concerning not only yesterday's result, but regarding the outcome of all of 2009's majors:


Dear Editor,

As the great philosopher Groucho Marx once said "Who you going to

believe, me or your own eyes?"

Lucius Riccio

New York, New York

There was something about Yang's win that was very, to put it awkwardly, American. The underdog holds on, not in a frightened way, but boldly, firing that great shot over the trees to the tight flag on 18 with no hesitation and barely a practice swing. Do or die. Now or never. Consequences be damned. Your letters reflect that admiration for Y.E.


Dear Editor,>

It is extremely refreshing to see someone beat Tiger on Sunday in a >

major! I like Tiger, but Yang's shotmaking (did he miss a shot >

Sunday?!) and his mental approach are very inspiring! Given the >

situation, there is no question that Yang's hybrid shot into No. 18 is >

the shot of the year, NO DOUBT! Congratulations Y.E.!!


Wes Rodgers

Cleveland, TN

One reader made an interesting connection between the tournament and NFL star Larry Fitzgerald's account of dealing with last year's Super Bowl loss....

__Dear Editor, The best Rx for Tiger right now is to read > Larry Fitzgerald's story in the September issue of Men's Health Magazine about his dealing with the Cardinals loss to the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Tiger and Larry's striving for excellence shows why they are the best at what they do and what it takes to get there. Bill Smart Charlotte, NC __

The title of that story is: Use Failure as Fuel.

--Bob Carney