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PGA Championship 2023: The best of the merchandise store at Oak Hill

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Rochester, N.Y.—The merchandise tent is a must-stop at any golf tournament for golf fans to take home a souvenir to remember the experience. Whether it is a hat with the tournament logo, t-shirt paying homage to the host city or golf-themed decor to bring home, there's something for everyone. In recent years, similar to on-course trends, styles have expanded to include more casual, versatile looks that can be worn off the course just as easily. Brands like Vineyard Vines and lululemon joined the merchandise floor so fans can shop their favorite brands and come home with a great memento from the tournament. We scoured the merchandise shop floor to find the best apparel, accessories and other souvenirs to celebrate the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill.


Hats are typically the most popular products at a tournament merchandise tent and brands have worked hard to meet the demand, adding unique offerings to meet every style need. From traditional baseballs caps and rope caps to bucket hats and larger-brim options, the store at Oak Hill did not disappoint. Of course, these acorn-covered bucket hats (below) caught our eye first. A nod to the course’s logo and namesake tree, it’s a statement-making cap that’ll provide extra sun (or rain) coverage while enhancing style.

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For a more traditional look, the Ahead Caps came in a blue, green and brown color palette at affordable prices ($32-$45). We loved the leave and acorn covered rope cap (top row, middle), but for those who want to try pattern in a quieter way, the solid blue cap features the tree motif beneath the brim.


If straw hats are your style (or a style you’ve been meaning to try), this Kate Lord women’s cap has on-trend coastal styling that will be a highlight in on or off the course ensembles this summer.

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Visors can be a polarizing topic in golf, but I think we can all agree this visor coaster is the perfect add to any golf home. It has simple styling to match with any home decor for a fun and unique way to remember the tournament—while protecting your surfaces from water marks. Also pictured is another popular golf tournament souvenir that many golf fans collect from various tournaments, a logoed Tervis Tumbler.


For a little more Rochester, N.Y.-themed memento to take home, this putter cover features a map design of the city that includes a popular waterfall attraction, one of the commonly traveled interstates and, of course, Oak Hill.

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Also featuring a design with a wink to the host city, this women’s top from Under Armour shows the skyline of Rochester’s downtown in a simple-yet-stylish design.

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Adidas created a custom pattern for the 2023 PGA Championship featuring the Wanamaker Trophy, the outline of the state of New York and the Oak Hill emblem. It’s on the pricier side ($125), but the one-of-a-kind shirt likely won’t be available after this week.


One vendor addition in recent years that has given versatility to the merch offerings is lululemon. On the women’s side, the logoed tanks and tees were offered in some of the fan-favorite luluemon silhouettes including the Love Crew, Sculpt Tank and High Neck Run and Train Tee.

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On the men’s side, the classic City Sweat Pullover Hoodie is another familiar lululemon product that has been transformed into a PGA Championship souvenir. It’s an upscale hoodie that can make any hoodies-for-golf-doubter change their mind.
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The littlest golf fans can also participate in the PGA Championship outfitting with a range of Garb onesies and apparel.

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Vineyard Vines amped up the t-shirt offerings with unique Oak Hill-themed graphic tees for men and women. The men’s tee features an illustration of the clubhouse and Wanamaker Trophy while the women’s tees had a simpler message.

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These kickball-style oversized golf balls have become a staple in any merchandise tent. The white ball is great for kids that'll be scavenging for player autographs during the week, while the pink or green balls don’t need any adds among the repeating logo.


Featuring a modern and stylish golf outfit, this mannequin’s script cap was being worn on many fans across the course during the tournament. The deep green shade is easy-to-match-with and versatile enough to be worn off the course. Similarly. The Peter Millar performance hoodie in white may be a little tough to keep clean, but it’s worth the risk for this upscale and lightweight midlayer.

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