The (other) viral hero of the PGA Championship has a wild story to tell

When it comes to virality, nobody was bigger than Michael Block at last week's PGA Championship. However, there was one man who appeared on television screens across America Sunday that people wanted to know a little more about, and that man was Tom Lippard.

Lippard popped up in the clip of Block and Brooks Koepka embracing after the final putt dropped at Oak Hill, Koepka saying "I heard you're buying drinks" before a bro-hug. Lippard could be seen in the background, decked out in all green, throwing up all five fingers and saying "F I V E" for Koepka's five major championships:

Who, on earth, was this dude just hanging inside the ropes, a few feet from the champ, without any sort of credential whatsoever? 

We learned more about this man of mystery on Monday, as Lippard joined The Loop podcast to tell us his wild story and fire off a number of spicy takes we weren't even expecting. Also, turns out, I actually met Lippard last summer at The Match between Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes/Josh Allen out in Las Vegas. He's something of a Sin City legend, and now he's something of a Golf Twitter legend, too

Listen to our full chat with Lippard below, plus Colonial picks, some Brooks Koepka outright ticket gloating for myself and Alex Myers (sorry, Steve), and an update on Golf Digest's first major championship of the year. And please, like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts: