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PGA Championship 2024: Brooks Koepka went full Seve when describing his weekend at Valhalla


Scott Taetsch/PGA of America

When Brooks Koepka doesn't get the result he wants, he's in no mood to talk. Especially at major championships, which Koepka expects to win every time he plays.

The five-time major champion certainly did not get the result he wanted this week, though he did finish strong, posting a final-round 66 that should secure him a spot inside the top 30. Koepka doesn't play for top 30s, though.

That explains why he wasn't exactly beaming afterward, likely still in pain from Saturday's three-over 74 at Valhalla, which effectively ended his chances to go back-to-back at the PGA Championship for a second time. Following the round, Koepka was asked what the difference was between Saturday and Sunday. He went the obvious route.

"I don't know, what, about eight shots?" Koepka said.

That's what we call #math, kids.

Koepka likely didn't even realize it, but he was channeling his inner Seve Ballesteros with this one. At the 1990 Masters, the legendary Spaniard four-putted the 16th green in the first round, and was asked to describe the debacle in the press room.

“I miss, I miss, I miss, I make," Ballesteros famously said, though longtime golf writer David Barrett claims that Ballesteros actually said this—"35 feet, went 4 feet past, I missed the hole, then I missed the hole again." Either way, a classic.

Koepka was also asked to describe the week as a whole, and he went a similar direction.

"Not very good. I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it."