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PGA Championship 2024: ESPN did Brian Harman so dirty with this camera cut to a turtle

The first two rounds of a major championship are always slow, especially a major like the PGA Championship, which features a field of 156 players this year. Expecting groups to just "speed it up" in a field that large with a preposterous amount of money on the line is a completely futile exercise.

That was a long way of saying that Brian Harman, who is often accused of being a slow player on social media, is no slower than anybody else out there on Thursday at Valhalla. He's just an easy target because of his incessant pre-shot waggling, which he once admitted is "awful" but also believes helps him slow down on the course (in a good way)

An ESPN producer did Harman's reputation no favors in the opening round when, on the sixth green, cameras cut from Harman waiting to putt out to a turtle sitting on a rock near the green. Talk about doing a guy dirty:

Some much-needed context - Harman (and the rest of his group) were waiting for another group to hit their tee shots on a nearby hole, a common occurrence in professional golf. Any time tee shots are hit or putts are holed, it can lead to some crowd commotion. Harman is either being courteous to whoever is hitting their tee shot, or just simply waiting for peace and quiet so he can hit his par putt.  

Even knowing that, though, this is an absolutely insane camera cut from the "guys in the truck," as they say. Either it was completely random or someone knew exactly what they were doing and no in between.