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PGA Championship 2018: Billy Horschel debuts first Ralph Lauren golf collaboration

August 10, 2018

Billy Horschel’s iconic octopus print from the 2013 U.S. Open is back and ready to wear as part of his first design collaboration with the RLX Golf team. The stylish golfer has been an ambassador for the brand since 2011, but had yet to design his own line start-to-finish, until now.

The RLX x Billy Horschel collection will be available this fall with statement-making prints and bright pops of color that have become a definitive part of Horschel’s style over the years.

“The piece that everyone is going to talk about is the octopus pants,” Horschel said at a launch event earlier this year. “You could say that’s what brought me into the fashion scene.”

The octopus will be available on the Ralph Lauren 4 Way Stretch Printed Shorts ($97.50) and pairs nicely with simple solid golf shirts, like the Tech Piqué Woven Golf Shirt in a blue that matches part of the print and is a shade that runs through the entire line.


This isn’t a collaboration that just trades off a golfer’s name. Horschel selected the colors, fit and distinct details of each piece. His most obvious touch is the “BH” logo on the back of each knitwear piece.

“As much as I can wear something that makes a loud outfit, I also like just the basic simple outfits that you can make look good with little contrasts,” Horschel said. “I’m really into little details that make something stand out.”


With a navy and pink theme of the collection, the opportunities for eye-catching details were plentiful. Like the contrasting zipper on the Par Windbreaker ($198) that provides a playful pop of pink against the navy jacket, or the light blue inner-placket on the Striped Airflow Jersey Golf Shirt ($89.50) that creates a classic, lively statement.


The collection will be on display at Bellerive as part of Horschel's scripting. He wore one of the brighter shirts from the line on Thursday, when he got off to a solid start with a two-under 68. The bright pink, navy and white striped shirt ($89.50) is stylish with a touch of old-school charm in the navy collar. Over a classic pair of white pants, he really gave the shirt the chance to shine.

The simple golf shirts in the collection are balanced by four Horschel-approved versions of the Tailored Fit 5-Pocket Tech Pants (starting at $97.50) in white, soft blue, bright pink and a fun technical-looking camo.


He’ll be wearing the Hexagon Camo Pant ($165) on Friday, pairing it with a Tech Pique shirt with woven details ($89.50)—a clean white golf shirt spiced up by a gray collar and placket.

On Saturday, Horschel will put the Bermuda Blue Pant into rotation under the Striped Airflow Golf Shirt. The bright shade of blue is summer-y when paired with a bright shirt, but can be toned down for fall golf with navy shirts or stripes.


Horschel save his favorite combination of the collection for the final round of the PGA Championship. You won’t miss his Exotic Pink Pants, but look out for the Steel Heather Knit Polo with a clean color detail that pulls the whole look together.

“Sunday is the most important outfit of the scripting because if I play well and I got a chance to win, I have to make sure I look good,” Horschel said. “I love the pink and gray, it’s just going to look great.”


He likely won’t be needing any layering pieces, but if the temperatures decide to dip, the collection also has a Hexagon Camo Knit quarter-zip and a short-sleeved gray jacket available.

A smaller capsule collection also will be available for women. Camo iterations will show up in a quarter-zip and skort and don’t worry, there will be an octopus print for the ladies in a skort as well.