PGA Championship 2017: Watch Justin Thomas' ball hang on the lip of the cup and finally drop

Justin Thomas has had a knack for providing some great moments this season, on and off the course. There was his 59 at the Sony Open, his incredibly fun-to-watch 63 at the U.S. Open, and of course, his boom roasting of Johnny Miller during the Open Championship.

On Sunday at the PGA Championship, he may have provided his best moment yet. At the par-5 10th, Thomas had a great look at birdie to get within a shot of leader Hideki Matsuyama. That's when this happened:

Unreal. If he's able to close it out for his first major championship victory, this one will be replayed for years to come. Remind you of anybody?

Oh, and if you're wondering if this is a penalty, it's not. Thomas has to address the ball for the 10 second rule to be in effect. Good thing he turned his back on it.