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Peyton Manning "insists" on playing golf with new players so they get used to him barking orders

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is a micromanager, and he's not ashamed of it. In fact, he's so not ashamed of it that he's actually devised a system to help other people get used to it.

Manning's "brilliant plan" is to take his new teammates to play golf, even if they've never touched a club before, according to a story by the Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark. That may not sound too bad, but the whole thing actually turns into a bit of an ordeal for the other player.

Manning will reportedly critique every element of the new recruit's swing, move their feet into the position he wants them and bark orders before -- eventually -- letting his teammate hit the ball.

But it seems his teammates have come to appreciate the process. Here's a section from the story:

"If it's a bad swing he's going to let you know. But that's great because if you drop a pass he's going to let you know. If you miss a block he's going to let you know," said Broncos second-year running back Montee Ball, who warned Manning it was "not going to be good" before their golf pairing last summer.

"He wants to size us up, not just physically but see where we are mentally. It's for us to see what kind of character he is off the field and what there is to expect," Ball said. "He was coaching me up, telling me what to do and I was taking it seriously."