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People might be surfing around the golf course pretty soon

January 22, 2014

ORLANDO -- "It's about surfing the earth. Who wouldn't want to do that?"

That's what Paul Hodge, president of GolfBoard inc., said while describing his new product. The GolfBoard is basically a cross between a skateboard and a surfboard -- except with wheels on it.

You direct with your feet which way you want it to go and use a small, handheld remote to control your speed. The GolfBoard has four-wheel drive so you can travel uphill or through rough without getting stuck or spinning, and it's got military-level braking power, Hodge said, so the it won't go surfing without you.

GolfBoard launched as a KickStarter project in 2013 and is a new addition to the PGA Merchandise Show. Like its competitor, Golf Skate Caddy, which has been in the marketplace for about three years, it retails for about $3,500.

"The industry leaders realize that they can't think about what golf is now, they're thinking about where golf is going," Hodge said. "I think there'll be a large number of people using these one day because they're really fun."