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Paula Creamer offers some practical lessons

July 05, 2011

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. -- Paula Creamer took 45 minutes out of her practice schedule Tuesday afternoon to answer questions from nearly a hundred young boys and girls. (Mostly girls, wearing lots of pink.) As it turns out, youngsters ask better questions than some experienced journalists. Here are highlights of the defending champion's Q&A:

Swing thoughts: I think only about my target and where I want it to go. I'm not a very technical player, I'm much more a feel player. So I keep it very simple. During practice swings, I think about my transition and pausing at the top of my swing. Before I swing, my caddie always says, "Good transition." But overall, I keep it very simple.

Pink power: My clothes are pink, my hair is pink, I play a pink ball on Sunday, I have pink tees. Even my gym is hot pink. I have a pink treadmill!

Practice schedule: When I was younger I'd practice till dark. On the weekends I'd play 18 holes then practice for five hours. But remember, the most important thing you need to practice is your short game. You have to be creative. You have to be able to pull off all kinds of shots with different clubs in your bag. If I go out and practice for five hours next week, three and a half of those five hours will be chipping and putting.

Favorite course: Cherry Hills is one of my top-three favorite golf courses. That was where I played my first U.S. Open as a professional, so it's special. Everything about it is perfect.

Thoughts about The Broadmoor Golf Club: This course fits my game very nicely. I like it, and it's hard. It's long, yes, so it's gonna come down to who makes a lot of pars out here. And No. 16 is my favorite hole out here. It's is a fun par 3. I think it's a crazy green.