Paul George can’t stop getting buzzer-beaters hit in his face

August 05, 2020

Kevin C. Cox

The Greek myth of Sisyphus tells the story of a man cursed for deceitfulness and cheating death twice. Zeus’s payback for these transgressions was to make Sisyphus push a boulder up a hill for eternity. This brings us to Los Angeles Clipper Paul George who can’t stop getting daggers hit in his face to lose basketball games. It doesn’t matter what team he plays for or how hard he plays defense or the opposing player’s identity; it’s tradition. Perhaps it's because he abandoned the Indiana Pacers and then Oklahoma City Thunder in each squad's time of need. No matter what the reason is, if the game is close in the final seconds, Paul George will give up a basket in an excruciating way. Roll the tape of misery:

It’s truly a potpourri of sadness. Just the other day in the bubble, Devin Booker—Phoenix Suns guard and Hooters connoisseur—held the ball with just over four ticks of the clock left, stared Paul George in the face and thought, “Oh, this will be fun.”

I mean, the hex is so rough that Trailblazer Damian Lillard’s game-winning shot is from so far away that he got cut off in the video. That doesn’t seem legal.

Kawhi Leonard even got a taste of the Paul George jinx, joining in as a fellow teammate who can only watch as the opposition scores a clutch basket. George’s fingers are inches away from blocking Booker’s shot, but, once again, it was to no avail.

In such uncertain times, it’s nice to know that some things never change in the world of basketball. The Washington Wizards can’t buy a win, Jamal Crawford can still make you look silly with the ball in his hands and Paul George needs to be up 15 with 20 seconds remaining for you to feel safe in his team’s chances.