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Pat Perez's new house has a special room just for his Air Jordan collection

January 29, 2020

When it comes to showing off their homes, most guys are most proud of their man caves. Pat Perez seems more excited about his shoe shrine.

The three-time PGA Tour winner has long been a sneaker head with a specific taste for Air Jordans. And now in his new house, he has the perfect place to show off his incredible collection. Well, most of his collection, that is.

Check out these photos snapped by Pat's wife, Ashley Perez:


And here are the boxes and boxes (and boxes) of sneakers Pat had to go through:


In an interview with's Helen Ross last February, Perez said he has about 1,000 Air Jordans and mentioned his new home would have a special room for them that "still won't be big enough."

Perez says he's been collecting Jordans since high school. Having met MJ and become a Jordan Brand ambassador, though, Perez's collection has really grown in recent years. But they're still mostly for looking at.

“Which is stupid, because I envision, you know, when I die, someone getting them and doing, like, landscaping in them,” Perez told Ross. “So, I've started actually to wear them a little bit more.”

And now he'll have an easier time finding them.