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Pat Perez's $10K dinner bill in Vegas confirms he's the PGA Tour pro we'd most like to hang out with

September 18, 2019

It's good to see at least one PGA Tour pro is enjoying his off-season. Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson underwent knee surgeries, Justin Thomas had a skin cancer scare taken care of, and most others are already back to work for the start of the 2019-'20 campaign. Meanwhile, Pat Perez and his wife, Ashley, went on a fun-looking weekend getaway to Las Vegas filled with music, food, and wine. Very, very expensive wine.

Perez, a hard rock aficionado, shared this photo before attending a concert by one of his favorite bands, Iron Maiden:

And these head-banging videos from the show:

But it was Ashley's Instagram story that gave us a closer look at the couple's itinerary. Before the big concert, the two took a trip down memory lane in the same MGM Grand hotel room Perez was staying in when they first met:


And before you get the wrong idea, Ashley says there was no funny business that night—just a lot of billiards:


And if you're thinking, Who needs a piano in their hotel suite?!, well, Ashley plays beautifully:

Anyway, in Ashley's story, you can also hear Pat say they watched the second half of some game. How romantic! Anyway, it worked and a love blossomed into a marriage and the birth of a daughter. And on this trip, the couple even opened a special bottle of wine given to them on their wedding day by Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain.


But no expenses were spared on other beverages throughout the trip, including this bottle of Dom Perignon:


And this $4,000 bottle of wine ordered at dinner on Saturday night:


How do we know it cost that much? Because Ashley shared this eye-popping dinner bill from Craftsteak:


A standard 20-percent tip brings the bill to about $12,000. For four people. It should also be pointed out that MGM sponsors the three-time PGA Tour winner. But still, that's living.

As you can see, the group of four also had four bottles of some wine that "only" cost $1,035 per bottle, and good lord, a side of broccoli costs $15 at this place?!

Anyway, glad the couple had fun before Pat begins another season on tour. But after finishing last season at No. 125 on the FedEx Cup points list—and with an influx of new talent—he might not want to take too much time off.