124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Pat Perez rips the media, says Tiger wasn't asking other pros for advice

February 05, 2015

During a fog delay at Torrey Pines' Pro-Am on Wednesday, Tiger Woods spent the time practicing his chipping, canvasing the range and talking to his fellow pros. There were a few instances where he looked to be taking advice from a few different people. But not so, says Pat Perez, one of those players pictured talking to Woods.

"Let's clear up all this whole false narrative the media has been pumping out," Perez wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday night. "Today's fog delay and range time was nothing more that a few veterans and a handful of new guys talking golf, life and Instagram superstars. No one was soliciting advice."

It's a common theme for professional athletes to scapegoat the media any chance they get, but in this instance, you can't help but think he's got a point.

But now, onto the bigger question: Which Instagram celebrities commanded the most attention?

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