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Parsons Xtreme Golf focuses on fitting with its new Gen2 line of putters


From its inception, Parsons Xtreme Golf has essentially lived by a “go big or go home” mindset, producing golf clubs in unique ways and pricing them accordingly. It’s latest Gen2 putter line is no different.

The new line boasts eight head types: the Closer, Lucky “D,” Brandon, Mustang, Bat Attack, Mini Gunboat, Gunboat, and Operator. In all, there are four mallets, one mid-mallet and three blade styles to choose from.

However rather than simply rely on the breadth of the offering to allow golfers to find the proper putter for them, PXG has placed an emphasis on putter fitting as well. Each putter ($425) is available in three hosel options—double bend, plumber’s neck, or heel shafted. Large sole weights made of heavier tungsten and lighter titanium also influence club head weight and bias. The weights come in 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-grams and are adjustable to allow golfers to dial in their preferences. Additionally, knowing look can be of importance in making golfers comfortable on the greens, each putter is available in a black as well as chrome finish.

“Putts account for roughly 40 percent of shots taken, yet only a small percentage of golfers make an effort to be properly fitted,” saiud PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “We’re working to change that. We are committed to helping golfers dial-in their preferred putter to help shave strokes off their score.”

As some other companies have already done, mitigating the effect of the mis-hit was a design goal for the face of the Gen2 putters. To achieve this, the 100-percent milled clubheads also feature a variable-sized, pyramid-shaped face pattern where the highest pattern density is near the center and less density on the extremes, leading to a “hotter” area for strikes near the heel or toe, resulting in those putts acting more like center hits for better distance control. The pyramids also are designed to increase friction at impact for more consistent launch and roll characteristics, while enhancing feel and sound.