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Parents take Olive Garden obsession too far, name child after Italian restaurant chain

November 29, 2017

We've all got our favorite restaurants. Somewhere that keeps you coming back for more, always providing the quality and satisfaction you so desire. Obsession is a strong word, but it's the type of feeling you get when you see your favorite spot's sign, beaming like a beacon of hope in the night.

For one Arkansas couple, that beacon of hope happens to be the neon green sign at Olive Garden, of all places. Justin and Jordan Garton have been eating at the Italian restaurant chain for as long as they can remember, even dining there daily for a seven-week period according to ABC News.

“I’m only the third generation on my dad’s side to be born in America,”said Jordan Garton, 26. “I just love Italian food and growing up in Arkansas that’s pretty much one of the only Italian places that we ever got to go.”

As someone who grew up in New Jersey, it pains me to see that the Olive Garden is the Gartons idea of Italian food, but it's hard to blame them when they live in Arkansas. I was going to let it slide, but then they took their never-ending carbohydrate obsession too far, by planning to name their child after the pasta palace.

Pretty hard to pass up this opportunity when their last name happens to be Garton, but no amount of those golden brown breadsticks should ever lead to this. Poor Olivia will be explaining her name for the rest of her life. And it gets worse, Justin and Jordan also made an interesting choice for her middle name, opting for Michelle, meaning her initials are "OMG." Goodness gracious.

All jokes aside, congrats to the lovely couple, who couldn't possibly say or do anything else to make this more Buzzfeed-worthy.

“I guess we just have to be those hashtag millennial parents,” Jordan Garton said with a laugh.