'Use your bloody hands'

'Don’t be fooled!' The common mistake this major champ wants you to avoid

December 06, 2022

Padraig Harrington isn't just a three-time major winner. He's also a member of Golf Nerd Hall of Fame. No, that's not a real thing, but if it was he'd be in it. King of it, even. There's no bridge he won't cross, or no idea too radical for him to try in the pursuit of improving his game.

It makes for some great advice for the rest of us. Paddy's YouTube channel is filled with him dispensing little gems, helping the rest of us play a little better.

Earlier this week, apparently in the idea phase before dropping his next batch of videos, Paddy went on a brief but fascinating twitter rampage. It started with him sharing a picture of himself at impact ...

Don't hold the lag

As you can read about the comment, Paddy says that even though his hands are ahead of the ball here, he warns not to be "fooled" that he's trying to hold the lag. He's trying to release the club as fast and as hard as possible, because contrary to what you might think, that's how you release the energy your body has created into the golf club. It's the feeling of moving the energy outward that helps maximize your speed.

'Use your bloody hands'

An emerging crop of new school golf swings rely on the opposite of using your hands, which has brought the idea into vogue in golf today. Swings like Viktor Hovland, to Collin Morikawa and Dustin Johnson, rely on a bowed lead wrist with lots of torso rotation, which they use for devastating effect.

But the rest of us don't boast the same athleticism to match those movements, which is why Paddy ends with a simple message: Use your hands more! Trust them, and you'll see some quick gains.