Golf Digest WomanJuly 10, 2010

Overheard from the gallery (part two)

OAKMONT, Pa. -- Along with two inches of rain came much cooler temperatures at Oakmont C.C., so the patrons are coming out in droves. During my short visit to watch Paula Creamer, Angela Stanford and Suzann Pettersen play hole Nos. 10, 11 and 12, I overheard some conversations that made me chuckle:

  1. Son to his father, both walking down the soggy 10th fairway: "Squish, squash. Squish, squash. Squish, squash." Father, to his son: "Son, you're making this much more annoying than this has to be."

  2. Angela Stanford walks out of a portable toilet adjacent to the 11th fairway. Man, to his female friend: "I was wondering what heppened to her." Female's reply: "She had to pee. They *are *human, you know."

  3. A guy, to his girlfriend (I assume): "Ugh, it's much cooler this morning." His girlfriend: "Good, maybe I'll keep my shirt on today." Boyfriend: "Please don't."

  4. Man, to his buddy: "Where's Michelle Wie? She's the only person I want to watch." His buddy: "Why? She's playing terrible." Man: "Because her game is so darn entertaining. It's awesome and makes me laugh."

  5. Paula Creamer bombs it straight down the 11th fairway. Man, to his friend: "For a pretty girl in pink, she sure can stripe that ball." Friend's reply: "She's almost as good as you."

--Ashley Mayo