Golf Digest WomanJuly 8, 2010

Overheard from the gallery (part one)

OAKMONT, Pa. -- The fans out here are bravely enduring the heat to cheer on their favorite players. While they're still standing up, I've overheard them say some things that make me chuckle. Perhaps the heat is to blame?

Here, I present my first installment of "Overheard from the gallery":

  1. Near the 18th fairway, one man says to another, "This is where Johnny Miller hit his famous shot and shot 63." The other man, "Oh, will you stop? I'm so sick of hearing about that crap. I'm uninterested in anything that happened before I was born."

  2. At 12pm, under the high-noon sun: "It's hotter than a teapot out here. Someone wanna tip me over and pour me out?"

  3. On tenth tee, waiting for Natalie Gulbis to tee off: "Hang on, hang on, I've gotta get my binoculars." He pulls out his binoculars. "Oh, that's better." (Incidentally, he held those binocular up for five minutes and followed Gulbis as she walked off the tee.)

  4. While Michelle Wie sizes up her greenside bunker shot on No. 17: "If she keeps taking this long, we're gonna have to split. The sun's not going down for another 10 hours, but I'm gettin' antsy."

--Ashley Mayo