Trending: One Tiger / Jack comparison that is going overlooked

June 04, 2012

The symmetry of Tiger Woods' magical 73rd victory this weekend at the Jack Nicklaus-hosted Memorial has left the golf world spinning -- literally. Tying the Golden Bear's career win total at his own tournament has created a whole new dimension of conversational comparisons; one that will only be surpassed when Woods wins his 74th and starts pecking away at those pesky four more majors he needs to tie Jack. But there is one comparison I'm surprised people haven't been making.

Tiger's finishing putt on 18 was emphasized with a veritable carbon copy of Jack's signature putter point to the sky. Whether intentional or not, it was hard not to think of Nicklaus' iconic pose during his putt to grab the lead at the 1986 Masters. Here's videos of both, feel free to make you're own conclusion.

-- Derek Evers