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One simple exercise for more clubhead speed

December 23, 2016

As you close out the year and take heed of things you can do to improve your golf swing in 2017, an area that can never get enough attention is the region from your stomach to the base of your hips. There are countless exercises that improve core strength, allowing you to swing a club faster without losing your balance; and hip mobility, allowing you to clear your pelvis out of the way on the downswing quick enough so that your arms and club can swing through quickly and powerfully. But there aren't many that accomplish both at the same time.

Since my work-out sessions are all about efficiency, I'll often take standard exercises and add another component to train multiple muscle groups at the same time. Below is one of my favorites. It's a standard physio-ball plank—great for core stability—combined with hip rotations—great for pelvic mobility. This exercise will allow you to keep your upper body nice and stable while you fire your hips toward the target to start the downswing. If you've ever watched Rory McIlroy swing down in slow motion, take note of his hip rotation (see animation above). It's very fast, clearing the way for the club to swing down into the ball on the proper path as fast as he wants to swing. And that means more yardage.

Click on the video below to see me demonstrate the physio-ball plank with hip rotation. Once you get a feel for this exercise, you can do it faster and faster to turn it into a cardio workout as well.