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Top Teacher says this is the 'best' way to smooth out your putting tempo

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If you want to shoot lower scores this season, Michael Breed, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers, says that you have to hone in your tempo.

“Tempo is one of the most important parts of any motions in the game,” Breed says.

And putting is no exception.

In his recent Golf Digest Schools series (which you can watch for yourself right here), Breed’s favorite tool for developing a more consistent stroke? A quarter.

“It’s the best hack on the golf course that will fix your putting, and get your confidence back,” Breed says.

How the quarter drill works

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Use his quarter drill to check if your tempo is consistent and as a hack to smooth out your stroke and develop a consistent tempo on the greens.

Balance a quarter on the back of your putter, like Breed is here, and make a normal stroke. Your goal is to keep the quarter on the back of your putter as you take the club back and through.

If the coin falls off, this indicates that your tempo is inconsistent during the transition from your backstroke to your through-stroke.

If you’re quick in your transition as you start forward, the coin will be left behind, Breed says.

“We want gradual acceleration in this stroke,” Breed says.

A great way to practice the gradual acceleration that Breed mentions is to make some practice strokes with the quarter on the back of your putter. As you bring the putter back and through, focus on keeping the coin on the back. You should start to find a rhythm.

Feel the rhythm of that stroke while you practice putting, Breed says.

After a few practice strokes, take the coin away and hit a few 10-15 footers maintaining that smooth tempo.

You should start to gain confidence as you regain your tempo, Breed says.

And as your tempo improves, so will your ability to make putts, Breed says.

Once agian, can watch the full series right here.