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One of Twitter's most famous gifs was just debunked, proving life is an entire sham

October 02, 2018
Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats

Streeter Lecka

John Wayne, cinema's most iconic Western cinematic hero, hated horses. Dr. Seuss allegedly hated children. The guy who created guitars wasn't a fan of rock music. Everything we believe in is a lie.

Case in point. One of the Twitter's most famous gifs is a sham.

Kobe Bryant has put out his share of fake videos in the day (Remember him "jumping" a car? No wonder Shaq wanted to bounce), but the clip of Bryant failing to flinch as Matt Barnes faked a ball throw at his face endures as an all-time bad-ass moment.

Ridiculous, right? Well, it's ridiculous because it's not true.

Some Internet sleuths uncovered the truth for Bryant's stoic stature: He's not actually standing in front of Barnes.

If you can't put your conviction in Kobe Bryant or social media, what structures of trust do we have left?