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On this day 15 years ago, Tiger Woods made magic happen at the Masters

April 10, 2020

Stephen Szurlej

Can you believe Friday marked the 15th anniversary of Tiger Woods' iconic chip-in on No. 16 during the final round of the 2005 Masters? Time flies when you're having fun, right? Well, not this past month when time has grounded to a crawl, but you get the point. It's hard to imagine it's been FIFTEEN years since Tiger made magic happen at the Masters. And 15 years since Verne Lundquist's famed, "IN YOUR LIFE have you seen anything like that?!"

Of course, we hadn't seen anything quite like that, nor have we since April 10, 2005. And in that span it's already become the most watched replay in golf history. Let's add to the total count of views, shall we?

Seriously, how did he do that? And how did the ball pause like that before dropping into the hole? What a showman! Here it is from a different angle:

Just amazing. It never gets old—especially with Verne on the call.

Anyway, just wanted everyone to be aware of this milestone and give you the opportunity to watch it again. A few times. What else do you have to do today?