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On the LPGA and NFL "socialism"

October 07, 2009

In his Bunker lead on the search for a new LPGA Commissioner, Ron Sirak made reference to Pete Rozelle and the National Football League:

"In his 30 seasons as commissioner, Pete Rozelle made the National Football League the most popular sport in America with a form of socialism (he used words such as 'revenue sharing' and 'parity' that might have made Rush Limbaugh red with rage--except it didn't because the radio host is a huge NFL fan..."

Sirak's unusual reference inspired a corrective email from Charlotte reader Scott Martin.

Dear Editor, Ron Sirak's Bunker item about the LPGA commissioner search had the most bizarre introductory paragraph I have ever read in a golf publication. First, why mention Rush Limbaugh? If you're going to bash Limbaugh, bash him in a political magazine. Second, writing that the NFL's business model is a "form of socialism" is totally absurd: the NFL is profit-driven business where owners own franchises. Ron Sirak proves what I've always believed: Outside financial organs like The Wall Street Journal, very few journalists know anything about business and, indeed, socialism. Golf World is a golf magazine, so please stick to golf. If I want to know what the socialists are thinking, I can pick up my daily newspaper or listen to NPR. Scott Martin>

Charlotte, NC

Your reaction to Ron's introduction reminds me of something coach George Halas said once about San Francisco fans: "One time in Kezar Stadium they gave me a standing boo."

Thanks for the boo.

--Bob Carney