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On National High Five Day, celebrating the subtle art of the golf high five

April 21, 2016

In golf, we love the high five. Sure, we now have the fist pump, and the forearm bash, and if you're Jason Dufner, you might even get away with the occasional butt squeeze. But when all of those run their course? Mark our words: We'll be back to the high five.


In golf, the high five is kind of like the wooden tee. There will always be something newer and purportedly cooler to try to replace it. But nothing ever lasts.

Golf high fives come in all shapes and sizes. Some are subtle. Some are emphatic. Many are painfully awkward. And today being National High Five Day (yes, it's an actual day -- shame on you for not getting us a card), we figured there's no better time to celebrate the many ways they surface on the golf course.

Naturally, the most common use of the high five in golf is the "You just made a big putt and I'm pretending to be happy for you" high five.


A close second would be the "Hey, look, we're wearing the same shirt!" high five.


Once in a while, though, five just won't do.__

__[#image: /photos/55ad78e5add713143b429410]|||high-five-old-guy-518.jpg|||

Baby high fives are always cool.


But not quite as cool as "I just chipped in at the Masters" high five.


__The only thing that would be cooler is a "I just holed out for double eagle" high five. ____

__[#image: /photos/55ad78e5b01eefe207f6e1f4]|||louis-high-five.jpg|||

But only if you make contact.


When you miss? Not as cool.