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On Jaime Diaz's Augusta Column

July 15, 2009

__Jaime Diaz's August column in Golf Digest, which addressed the future of Augusta National and the potential for a female member there (Jaime suggested Condoleeza Rice as a candidate), drew this letter from an unhappy Massachusetts reader. __

Dear Editor, I have never written to a magazine so let me make that statement up front. With the unending political positioning from large newspapers like the New York Times, I really don't like to see a magazine like Golf Digest get too "politically correct." Per the article "Next Year's Fashion at Augusta" written by Jamie Diaz, 80% of all golfers are men and being a private club, Augusta National can chose to be a men's only golf club. My guess is that 80% of your subscribers are men as well and would estimate that most of these subscribers believe that August National has this right. With this in mind, I have just two comments: 1). Why does Jaime Diaz feel that he needs to make this issue again come up when it is behind us? 2). Why would you and Golf Digest agree to print it without softening the tone or just not agreeing to print it? These days of dropping circulation with all print media and competition from free web sites on golf around the world, I don't know what you at Golf Digest are thinking. This edgy piece forces subscribers and readers to take a position either for or against your magazine and unfortunately, I am confident that the majority of your subscribers and readers (80%) would not agree with Mr. Diaz. I also just got my renewal notice so I'll decide now whether to renew my subscription. Bad timing. Daniel P. Lundy Hopkinton, MA

Thanks for your letter, Mr. Lundy. Jaime Diaz's assessment of the situation at Augusta is not "Golf Digest's" opinion. It's Jaime's assessment, based on his reportage, considerable experience and analysis. (We've run viewpoints that run counter to his, for sure). The column was Jaime's view of things, which is what a column is all about. We want our columnists to insightful and thought-provoking, not "politically correct." Augusta National will do what it chooses to do. Whether Jaime's insight into its future is correct or not...that remains to be seen.

--Bob Carney