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Oliver Wilson's foot fault

November 25, 2010

England's Oliver Wilson has temporarily abandoned traditional golf shoes at the Dubai World Championship, and has replaced them with Vibram Five Fingers, or, as this story calls them, "the strangest golf shoes ever seen."

"I've had them for the last three weeks after my trainer turned up wearing a pair," he told PA Sports. "I practice barefoot sometimes and swing it better, so I'd thought I'd give them a go. They look horrific and I've had lots of comments, but they're good for you and I think the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. "You walk better in them and there's less strain on the legs, but I'm not sure I'll be keeping them on."


Vibram Five Fingers principally were designed for running. As more is learned about benefits of running barefoot, they help replicate the experience, without actually exposing the feet.

As golf shoes, well, summon the fashion police.

-- John Strege