News & ToursNovember 17, 2010

Oklahoma State stays atop men's poll

Oklahoma State, North Alabama, Guilford and Oklahoma City all remained in the No. 1 spots in their respective divisions in the final coaches' polls of the fall. Voting closed on Nov. 12.

Here's a breakdown of the polls. It's interesting in the Division I poll to look at the placement of teams compared to the preseason polls that were in the Sept. 6 issue. While Oklahoma State was No. 1 then and now, only four of the preseason top 10 are still there at the end of November. (UCLA, Florida and Augusta State being the other three schools.)

Men's D-I poll Nov. 22 (460).jpg

D-II Men poll Nov. 22 (290).jpg

D-III men Poll Nov. 22 (290).jpg

NAIA poll men Nov. 22 (290).jpg

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