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Oklahoma men's golf team makes epic trick-shot video to prepare for this weekend's NCAAs

Before NCAAs even start, Oklahoma can say it's won the trick-shot game.

The men's golf team is heading to its fifth straight NCAA finals this week -- and what better way to prepare then showing off your skills with random trick shots? That's got to psych out your opponents.

If the Sooners make it to match play, I wouldn't want to play these guys. Imagine playing against a guy who can drain shots into a little plastic cup? You know he's never out of a hole. That's scrambling like no other.

There's something so college about making one of these videos. Hundreds of golf-trick shot videos are out there. And we respect you all for keeping us tuning in.

And now we'll be paying close attention to the Sooners at NCAAs. If they make it to match play, watch out!