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O'Hair Jordan

October 06, 2009

Michael Jordan, an assistant captain for the U.S. Presidents Cup team, has decided to take Sean O'Hair under his imposing wing in an attempt to buttress his faith in himself. Faith in himself, that's something that Jordan was never lacking.

"My biggest project right now, my biggest focus is Sean O'Hair," Jordan tells Helen Ross of "I feel like I can contribute from the mental aspect to help him battle some of the weaknesses that he may have. And that's not saying he's a bad player. I think he's a great player. One thing about golf that I've learned, if you don't have positive confidence and reinforcements within your mind mentally, you're battling with yourself. If I can make him relax and play, that's good. I joke with him a lot.

"Sean, I think, is one of those guys who's still trying to believe that he belongs when in essence he does. If he ever believes that, he can be so much better. That's where I feel like I can help him. 'Hey, look, dude, you're better than you think you are.'"

In basketball, Jordan was renowned, among other things, for making those around him better players. Who knows whether he can do the same in golf, but it surely doesn't hurt having Michael Jordan tell you how good you are.

-- John Strege