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Oh, how times have changed

June 18, 2009

Example 389 of the new, kinder, gentler USGA: they moved the tenth tee


It was nine years ago that the committee refused to budge with No.

10's tee location  for second round play, leading to an unreachable

fairway for many. While USGA officials have said the expanded fairway

contour solved the problem this year, they are playing from a new,

extended 508-yard tee this time around. A forced carry that was 250

yards in 2002 was still a stout 230 before today's tee shift.

During a press center visit, Championship Committee chair Jim Hyler

also reported that the 7th, 9th and 12th tees were shifted well

forward in anticipation of today's weather.

While the rain hasn't been heavy, crews have already been squeegeeing

the non-USGA spec greens and we're only a few hours into play.

-- *Geoff Shackelford *