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Oh hell no, Auston Matthews is out there bashing The Mighty Ducks' "Flying V"

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs

Mark Blinch

Listen, we like Auston Matthews. He's the Ovi to his generation's Crosby (McDavid). He plays for an original six, keeps his nose clean, and rocks a mean stache. He's a point machine but he isn't afraid to mix it up along the boards. And while this hasn't translated into bigger-picture NHL success, that has more to do with the Maple Leafs and whatever the hell is happening up there in Toronto than Matthews himself. With that said, we are deeply, deeply disappointed to hear the young Leafs center's latest comments, calling Gordon Bombay's legendary "Flying V" offense "the most unrealistic thing I've ever seen" in a recent interview with GQ.

Just when you think you know a guy, amirite? In Matthews defense, however, he goes on to break down the formation for the pucks noobs at GQ, explaining how the formation would result in at least four interference penalties, not to mention the fact you'd be chirped off the ice—hell, out of the great commonwealth of Canada—if you ever tried it. Fortunately Matthews was not asked about the Knuckle Puck, as we have had enough of our childhood dreams squashed for one morning.

As for actual hockey, well, it's up in the air just like everything. On Wednesday morning, commissioner Gary Bettman told Maria Bartiromo of 'Mornings With Maria' that the NHL is in a position to be "fairly flexible in terms of the calendar. "My guess at this point," he said, "is we’re probably gonna be playing into the summer, which is something we can certainly do.”

At the time of the season suspension on March 11th, the Maple Leafs were in the thick of the Easter Conference playoff race, so there's a chance we could yet see Matthews and co. play meaningful hockey this season, but one thing is certain: The "Flying V" won't be a part of it.