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Of course Roger Clemens still throws a filthy breaking ball at 56 years young

February 03, 2019

I'm not old enough to have seen Roger Clemens pitch during his peak years as a member of the Boston Red Sox, which, judging by the statistics, must have been incredible to watch. However, I am old enough to remember his time on the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, when Clemens was still throwing gas, winning Cy Youngs and always getting the ball in a big spot. Even in his late 30s and early 40s, Clemens was appointment television. Every game he pitched in was an event, which is something you can say about very few starters anymore.

That explains why even at the age of 56, people still go crazy at the mere sight of the Rocket standing on the bump. On Saturday night, a video of Clemens pitching in the Texas alumni game made the Twitter rounds, and it's already garnered close to 800,000 views. It's literally just one pitch, a filthy breaking ball that had the crowd ooo-ing and ahh-ing like they were seeing the MLB's next big thing. Have a watch:

That thing had MOVEMENT. There's also something about Clemens' windup, motion, etc. that still brings back all kinds of nostalgia. It still looks exactly the same even with a noticeably larger gut. Interesting timing for this video to go viral as he just got snubbed from the Hall of Fame once again. Perhaps one last comeback before he hits 60 is in the works? I, for one, would lose my damn mind if we got part two of Suzyn Waldman screaming that "RAWJA CLEMENZZ IS IN JAWGE STOYNEBRENNAH'S BAWX" sometime in early April:

Oh, oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS would that be lit. Yankees do need one more starter for depth. Make it happen Cashman.