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Odyssey expands O-Works line with new options


Odyssey putters have seen some early traction with its O-Works line and now is offering another option for consumers by producing three models (#1 Wide, #7 and #9) with clubheads featuring a white/black/white color contrast. Phil Mickelson currently uses a #9 model with a white/black/white clubhead and the company’s “microhinge technology.”

As it sounds, microhinge is the use of small “hinges” on the face of the putter that flex and then rebound at impact, propelling the ball toward the hole with a forward roll the company says is twice that of its Fusion RX insert. To achieve this the company used a stainless steel plate backed by a soft elastomer inner layer. The plate is then populated with microhinges. The entire production process takes 23 steps.

The three white/black/white putters will sell for $230, the same price as the rest of the O-Works line.