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Obama and Golf

July 26, 2009

Golf World and Golf Digest expect spirited reaction when they write about a golfing politician, be he of left or right persuasion. But hell hath no fury like the reaction to that reaction. A letter in the July 27 issue of Golf World criticizing an item about Obama's golf game inspired a number of angry emails.


Dear Editor,>

In your July 27 issue you published a slanderous screed regarding President Obama's Communist leanings. Mr. Klaus, of Glen Carbon, Illinois chided you for a perceived political leaning. What in the world does he think his remarks represent?


Golf is golf, politics is politics and ignorance shows up in both now and again. I sure hope I don't get paired up with the likes of Mr. Klaus. I would expect his game to be similar to his opinions.

Richard Cardwell

Seattle, WA.


Dear Editor,>

A letter in the July 27 issue of Golf World by Mr. Klaus of Illinois ends with a suggestion that you "poll readers" as to whether they enjoy the occasional item about the President's interest in or activities related to golf. Put me down as YES! I think it's great we have a President who, with the impossible demands on his time, takes a small bit of that time to enjoy our great game.


As for Mr. Klaus' letter, I feel it's a sad commentary on the state of mind of some of those who voted for the other candidate. Instead of doing what they can to assist our country in dealing with an array of critical problems, they loudly proclaim their dislike and disrespect for the man who was elected by a majority to lead us.

Michael Veal

San Antonio, TX

__Dear Editor,>

Of all the letters to publish, you selected "HALT TO THE CHIEF" ? You really think the best reflection of your readers' views are those of a right wing idiot who hates our president? >

You should be ashamed. >

I am disgusted.>

Mike Barrand>

Bonney Lake, WA>



Dear Editor,>

I would appreciate it if we can keep politics out of Golf World. The letter from Loren E. Klaus about what he considers weekly "promos for President Obama" is just sour grapes from a right wing idealogue. References to the Daily Worker and Pravda is way off base and disrespectful to our President and our democratic process. Mr. Klaus wants you to poll your readers on this issue. Here is my vote. Ban letters from readers who have a political agenda like Mr. Klaus.


Pete DeSisto

Greenville, SC 29609

__Dear Editor,>

Please continue your excellent writing about the sport millions of Americans of all political persuasions enjoy and disregard the advice of Mr. Klaus. Based upon the results of the last election, doing otherwise might not be wise. Another President joining our ranks should be celebrated and reported upon, not disregarded.__

For the record, I'm a Caucasian male who's 64 years old. Just in case someone wondered.

Michael R. Schoeppach

Oro Valley, AZ

Tomorrow, the other side of the story....

--Bob Carney