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Notre Dame releases Yankee-inspired uniforms, causing Internet to douse itself with gasoline

August 16, 2018

Notre Dame is playing its Shamrock Series at Yankee Stadium this season, fitting because we can't think of a more soulless place to host a soulless showcase for a soulless program. Lest you think there's some semblance of integrity to these proceedings, the Fighting Irish just extinguished that notion by rolling out the uniforms for this event. And boy, are they...something.

Quick thoughts:

—Where did they shoot that video, London? A smooth ride, the car is under capacity, there's no drunk vagabond speaking in tongues about Armageddon...that's not the New York City subway system I know and...well, know.

—This Tweet implies the Yankees are playing Notre Dame. Actually, that might be more fun than watching Syracuse.

—The game is at 2:30 p.m. I know Notre Dame has lowered its academic standards as of late, but you'd think the person controlling this account realizes that time quantifies as the afternoon.

As for the jerseys themselves, we'll let the good people of Twitter air their takes:

You get the gist. How those shirts—which look the ensemble your drunk college roommate designed in Create-a-Dynasty mode in NCAA Football '07 after an all-night rager—got the green-light from the school is beyond belief. Luckily, Notre Dame's set for another 8-4 season, meaning few will give these uniforms second thought come November.