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'Nothing like a dorm. Nothing like it'

Not our usual Deeds & Weeds fare, perhaps, but there was a great story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution last week about David Dragoo, a senior on the Georgia tech golf team that will compete next week for the NCAA Division I championship in Toledo, Ohio.

At the beginning of the school year, Dragoo was looking for a place to live. He considered all the usual college-type options -- a dorm room, a frat house, an off-campus apartment. But Dragoo had options: specifically, a nest egg of money, courtesy of a small inheritance and some wise investments he'd made during his college career.

Coupled with that, real estate prices and mortgage rates were at record lows. So Dragoo did what all golfers, even those in college, dream of doing: He bought a house next to a golf course. As the story describes it, "Tan. Stucco. Three stories. A lob wedge away from the Golf Club of Georgia in Alpharetta."

Of course, owning a home can also be complicated. The newspaper account goes on to describe an emergency that occurred in February while Georgia Tech was playing in a tournament in Hawaii, and how Dragoo responded to it. Suffice it to say Dragoo gained the kind of experience most of us don't learn until we're well into our 30s -- if ever.

But I won't ruin it for you. Read for yourself.

-- G.R.