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Note to self: Don't let Shaq in my pickup game

May 19, 2017

There’s always one guy in every pickup game that is far above the talent level of the rest of the crew. Everyone else is there for a workout, but this guy is in it to win it.

While I have mixed feelings about that guy, I suppose there are worse opponents I could square off against. Imagine if, say, a 7-foot-1 300-plus pound Hall of Famer strolled into the gym and called next? That would be my cue to hit the showers.

Well that actually happened for one lucky group that had the pleasure of playing with Shaquille O’Neal:

Did I say "lucky" to play with Shaq? Let me check with the mid-sized defender who took a Shaq forearm to the chest to see if he shares those same sentiments.

Looks like Shaq only has the intention of hanging on one side of the court. That’s no way to get a full cardio workout in. Nobody likes a hanger, Shaq.

If Shaq has the ball in the paint either A) Get out of the way; B) Stand your ground and take a charge and prepare to miss several weeks of work; or C) Snap a an epic selfie as you get posterized by the legendary big man.