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Not-so-breaking news: "The Bachelor" finalist JoJo Fletcher is a golfer

March 01, 2016

It turns out, a few Golf Digest staffers are avid watchers of ABC's "The Bachelor." This groups does not include me. Honest. Anyway, according to these unnamed sources, the show is down to its final two contestants. And one of those women, JoJo Fletcher, is a golfer.

Naturally, I had to investigate, "Spotlight" style. So I went to JoJo's Instagram account, and here's what I learned:

JoJo made her first impression on bachelor Ben Higgins by wearing a unicorn mask:

She and Ben went on a date at Wrigley Field:

She went to Baylor University with Robert Griffin III:

And apparently, all that the 24-year-old Dallas native is after is a life full of laughter:

Oh yeah, back to the reason for this post. JoJo also plays golf. Here's a slow-mo of her swing she posted:

OK, so no one is going to confuse JoJo with Lexi, but she's working on it. Look, she even plays in the winter! (In Texas, but still, the winter.)

On Monday's episode, Higgins said, "I love you" to both JoJo and the other finalist, Lauren Bushnell. Oh, the drama! He'll make his decision on the season finale in two weeks (Jeez, this show is like the Super Bowl).

From what I can tell -- so far -- Bushnell doesn't play golf. Nor does she have any relation to the Bushnell rangefinder. Advantage: JoJo.